Waiting For The UPS Truck Is Worse Than Waiting For Christmas Morning!

I see that my new impulse Sparkle Skirt purchase is out for delivery today.  It’s worse than when I was a kid waiting for the hour when I could get out of bed to see what Santa left me!  I can’t stand waiting!  As 5:00 creeps up, actually 4:00 since I am leaving at 4pm, I am now freaking out a little bit that it won’t be here in time for me to get it.  It’s awful!  The anticipation of having a new fresh unworn skirt to this years race is killing me!  When will it be here *  track it again to see if the status has changed *  Walk up front to see if it’s here and no one told me * Repeat.  I’m driving myself crazy!  Apparently I’m only getting old on the outside because underneath all this finely aged beauty (insert vomit sound here) I’m jumping out of my pants screaming “when will it be here!”  What if it doesn’t get her on time?? That will suck because they will either try to deliver it tomorrow between 9-12 in which case I might be able to pick it up on my way to pick up my running partner for the race.  If not then sadly I will be forced to wait until after the big day to get a look at her and take her for a spin.  Heinz 57 wasn’t kidding in their commercial that sang “Anticipa-ay-shun is making me wait!”  Here’s to hoping I’ll get my package soon and move along to an unfettered racing weekend.


Sometimes You Just Have Tooky Tooky Do It!

I don’t know when a race in my mind warranted a new outfit but apparently it did today.  I don’t buy new gear for every race, in fact most of what I wear although it may be new or newer is not bought specifically for any race.  It has happened don’t get me wrong but I don’t make a practice of it generally.   I have plenty of running clothes and now own not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4 count em FOUR @SparkleSkirts with my name on the list for another one.  WTH!  I remember sort of bashing other ladies for owning so many but I’m now on my own way to obsession!  Today I flat out purchased a skirt yes, that one right there, just for the hell of having a brand new skirt to run the race in.  It’s fun and bright and colorful.  It reminds me of the light and happy atmosphere of the race I’m running on Sunday.  The Falmouth Road Race is hands down the best race I’ve ever run.  It’s not the longest or the hardest but it is in fact the most fun, well organized race without a doubt.  From sign up to race day to the course and course support, I have yet to feel the love in any other event.  This skirt screams “let’s have fun!” and I had to have it!  I must wear it and I’ll be getting a new bra top to go with it so I’m FABULOUS!!  I might also need a new bandana too.  Look at it!  Even if my time is bad or I don’t have a great race, Tooky Tooky is going to be there the whole way carrying my shit and keeping my attitude in check.  So without blinking I ordered this beautiful work of art and of course paid for 2 day shipping which was half the cost of the skirt itself but I don’t care.  Sometimes you just have Tooky Tooky do it and not worry about it.  It’s pretty rare for me to not have self control so I don’t feel too bad.  I’m super pumped up about the race now that I will have the perfect skirt etc. to pound out the miles in.  Goal is to beat 1:18 and change for this 7 mile race.  Cross your fingers kids! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  At the very least I’ll look outstanding even if all goes to hell!









Knowing When NOT To Tempt Fate

Common sense is a really important thing to have especially when it comes to fitness.  Sometimes I’m impulsive in trying new workouts but usually never get hurt.  I’m smart enough to workout smart and dedicated enough to plan the new stuff in appropriately on most given days.  Today, for the second day in a row, had no desire to run first thing at 5am.  I bargained with myself for a post work workout and went to work actually on time.  Most days although I don’t have an official start time, I should try to be there at 8am.  When I work out I get there between 8 and 8:15 most days.  Anyway, I just didn’t feel like running this morning.  I did however, pack my gym bag because I thought I would hit the gym instead of working out at home.  That was a great idea until I started planning to use the squat rack.  *insert record scratch here*  I told myself that this plan was not a good idea and that I should not go to the gym at all to avoid the temptation that I might actually ignore my own advice and do it anyway.  I have seen fate tempted before and it usually doesn’t end up in the favor of the tempter.  I know that if I go to the gym and use the squat rack that I am going to get hurt or be so sore that my race on Sunday will suck.  Conceding this would be a bad idea, I put my gym bag on my bed and went to work.  I don’t need to tempt fate today, however, I will start the squat rack next week in addition to other free weight machines to see how it goes.  Happiness is knowing when you shouldn’t do something and actually listening to your own advice.  On to Falmouth on Sunday!


Loving The Ache of New Workouts!

I have had a much more aggressive workout routine now for 10 months.  Except for this week that seems like a struggle to get any double sessions in but I’ll just roll with it because Sunday is The Falmouth Road Race and I don’t need to have a exercise injury now simply because I am only giving half effort.  Anyway, compared to a year ago, I bike, I run, I do strength training too.  In my strength training, I have about 15-20 exercises that I rotate between when I work out, not all of which get done every time.  It’s good to switch it up so your body doesn’t ever really plateau.  I know continuing with the same exercises is still good but for fat burning it is not.  I try to switch it up without building so I don’t use heavy weights or too many reps, just heavy enough to be some work without exhausting me.  A few days ago I randomly added a few rounds of boxing to the Tabata workout that I was doing and today I can feel it in my back and chest!  My abs have that “Please don’t cough” pleading going on which makes me laugh so hard…but not because it hurts, in a good way.  It feels great to be sore because I know I am making improvements which get harder and harder to make the older I get.  AAhhh the joys of aging! Next up on my radar is trying something from Les Mills called Body Combat which looks like kick boxing which I suck at but really want to try out!  Just gotta keep switching it up!


When Did Nice Get Weird?

Today’s blog isn’t about running really as much as it is about a runners mentality and how we sort of avoid judging each other or getting wonked out talking with complete strangers.  It’s about a double standard whereby runners have a wide berth to just be who we are while the rest of the world stands in our very critical judgement.

Runners are super friendly for the most part I find.  They smile, they help you finish races if you are struggling …or LOST like I was one time and they almost always greet you with good morning or a hello or a supportive “you got this”.   I myself say hello to nearly every runner, biker, dog walker that I see on the road. Not everyone is responsive but that’s ok.  I don’t find anything weird with talking to a running stranger anywhere or any time.

Today I had an experience as I put together my @cumberlandfarms iced coffee, which has stolen my business from the @HoneyDew_Donuts and @DunkinDonuts crooks who think asking $3.68 for a mostly ice, iced coffee is ok.  It’s not but I’m no longer your customer so whatever!

Anyway, I was at the counter mixing my flavor into my coffee and went looking for a lid.  I didn’t see one in front of me (couldn’t have looked hard!) so I had to encroach upon the space of this nice girl making her own iced coffee to find a lid in front of her.  As I leaned back to put the lid on my treat and realized that I had actually had 3 stacks of lids right in front of me. How did I miss that?  I don’t know but moving on…. She said something that sort of eluded to the fact that she may have missed the stacks too or maybe something insinuating that CF didn’t put them in plain sight even though they were.  Then came the part that made me feel really wonky.  This sweet young bleach blond girl with the tiny little nose ring, no make up and a cute outfit randomly says to me “you look pretty today”.  I’m now in the Twilight Zone.  She looks at my sundress and says “I like flowers”.  I say thank you, she tells me to enjoy my day and I return the sentiment to her.  I pay for my coffee and gas and head out to my truck.  That’s all there was to it.  She was sweet and lovely and simply nice and I got all weirded out by it like she was hitting on me or something.  I truly felt out of place and in a rare moment, didn’t know what the hell to say to her.  WTF!  Why is it that I’m totally comfortable talking about nothing to any running stranger yet a very nice person takes  a moment out of her day to try and minimalize my irritation at myself for not finding what I wanted and I’m Wonked out?  I’m not weirded out often in situations like that but maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting that conversation to go beyond “Excuse me” and “no problem”.  “You look pretty” feels like something I’ve stereotyped coming from a close friend, daughter, mother, co-worker or family member.  Maybe we just don’t do things like that enough which is probably what is wrong with this stupid world anyway!  So, even though I do not know who she was, I want to thank the nice young girl in Cumberland Farms in Bridgewater MA who was simply as nice as nice could be to me.  You made my day and made me want to try to be nicer to some stranger some day soon.  Maybe my head is too far stuck up my running butt and I’m only super accepting of runners and critical of the rest of the world.  I should watch that from now on don’t you think?


My Watch is an Asshole and My Phone is a Liar!

Just WTF!  I need a new watch!  I just have to break down and buy one because mine is dying.  First I cracked it, then it stopped syncing properly and now it won’t even record a run.  It goes to that screen and connects to the GPS but then it won’t turn on.  It must have gotten wet on Saturday when my wingman and I did 8 miles and got drenched in a downpour on the second 4.  GRRRR  but that’s fine because I have the Map My Run app on my phone so I turn her on, flip my watch off and away I went.  All is well, I’m kind of struggling through tired legs in mile one but nothing I’ve not worked through before.  Today it’s cold but with every step I’m warming up and waiting for my assistant to start reading off my stats.  Now she tells me I’m at a mile before I know that I’m at my true 1 mile mark.  Ok, it wasn’t far off so I stop the app and and stretch my shins that are protesting a bit.  I don’t stop long and head on my way through mile 2.  That is where the arguments began with the stupid app.  As I approached somewhere in the vacinity of 1.75 miles she lowers my music and announces that I’m at mile 2.  NO I’M NOT you stupid lady in my phone!  Now I’m irritated but all i really need to know is the time because I know the distance by heart.  Whatever, I keep going pausing just for a few seconds to again stretch my shin then move along to finish mile 3.  The thing that bugs me is that she tells me I have these rediculously fast times that i know I can’t hit.  Irritating.  Half way through mile 3 she says I’m at 3- LIAR!  It doesn’t matter really, just bugs me.  So now I need a new watch and potentially a new app as backup.  The run was ok overall but just took my mind off my running focus.  Some days it’s just the little things that drive you crazy especially when it’s the stuff that you rely on to keep tabs on your progress.


The Strangers In The Road

There are a lot of runners out there who hate dealing with people who aren’t runners who ask them if they are going to run a marathon.  In fact I have read and heard many say how much it bothers them when it happens.  Me, I think it’s hilarious and I find it hugely amusing when someone asks me that question.  I know the answer right now is no, however, the answer next  year is more than likely either possibly or working on it.  I feel like I know that I will but right now 13.1 is at the top of my capabilities but 15 is on my mind so 26.2 isn’t far away.  I saw a little odd couple, strangers to me walking in the road today as I ran about a half mile from completing my 3 mile morning run .  They were an interracial “couple” who could be just friends that were walking together in kind of a wonky way weaving back and forth from one side of the street to the other.  I can’t see like I used to so I patted my Mace not knowing who they were or what age or what their intention was.  I don’t usually see them but that’s why I carry mace.  As I got closer I thought the woman had special needs because she was swinging her arms all over the place.  I realized the closer I got that she was waving the gnats away.  They don’t bother me because I’m running and they can’t keep up!  LOL.  These people, strangers as they were, were harmless.  As I approached I said to them “if you run, they won’t bother you”  like I had any business even supposing on them that they should run (although it didn’t come out like that).  I flashed a big smile at them to show that I was happy and non threatening as if I could even look like that.  I guess it’s possible since I wear a bandana on my head that sort of says “I’m tough don’t mess with me”.  The man was a cute little black man who still had as much get up and go as his aging body could muster.  He was happy and just enjoying his walk with his lady friend.  As I ran past the he yelled out and asked me if I was training for the marathon.  THE MARATHON like there was only one, but to him it was a generic statement about the effort.  I told him that right now I only do half’s and ran on my way but it gave me pause to think about why he would think that.  Maybe simply because I’m running.  Do I look like a Marathoner if there is a “Look” to any single person who does run one.  I certianly am not lanky like a stereotypical marathoner might look but in his mind perhaps there is no “look” to someone undertaking and training for such an event.  I smiled because I let myself believe that he believed I could run one.  I’m sure I can and I’m sure I most likely will.  For a moment I felt famous and super athletic and a lot like Rocky with the neighborhood kids who admired him who ran with him.  Maybe my imagination got away from me but for a moment it was fun to wear an imaginary iconic coat of notoriety for the strangers in the road.