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2018 Here I come

I have already set my 2018 fitness schedule through March.  I have a half marathon on the books for March so my plan goes to there.  I have set a weight goal that I would like to hit either by my half or by my birthday in May.  Seventeen pounds that I want to shed is a little harder now that I’m older and doing some weight training to tone.  I seem to hover around 165 these days which in my pants feels great but my eyes are still from the old school that start the name calling when I look in the mirror and still see cellulite on my legs and ass that make me wonder if I’ll ever get rid of that.  Better happy and healthy and hovering at a healthy heavier weight than to be deeply depressed and either 200 lbs or 150 heading to very bad places.  That was my swing not long ago.  I’ve pretty much made peace with my current weight but I fight old demons that lurk in the mirror every day.

I have a meal plan of sorts in my head for this year one month at a time.  ( THIS IS NOT ME BTW but I’d like it to be LOL!)

When I say meal plan I mean less sweets, more protein and less snacking.  I want to up my effort in the weight training arena to really put in a full body effort with more focus on toning to try to cut just a little more body fat.  My husband keeps saying I’m tight but when you’re feeling my ribs, OF COURSE, I’m tight.  Not much fat there at all.  LOL.  I don’t really argue with him because it makes me feel good that that is the picture he sees of me and not the one I see in the mirror.  I am going to try overnight oats this coming year to see if I can stomach them.  They look awesome but something about oats that sat overnight kind of boges me out.

In terms of running, I don’t think this year will be as full as last year.  I believe I’ll fall somewhere between 3-4 races not the 7 I did this year.  One for me, one with my friend and one with my Bad Ass B’s for sure.  Maybe one other but I would like to focus on strength training this year more than running to see what I have in me and how “tight” I can actually make this old body.  I want to be amazing at 50 which is my 2019 birthday number.  One reason I want to take it easy on the running THIS year is because I want to run a full marathon next year for my 50th.  That goal scares the shit out of me because it’s bigger than I’ve ever attempted.  It’s overwhelmingly ginormous and intimidating but it’s on my mind.  I think even if I DNF (WHICH I HAVE NEVER EVER DONE BTW) I will have attempted what in my mind is the coo de ta of races.  Can I do it?  I do believe I can and I want to push myself to see if I can.  So this year I’ll focus on strength to prepare for the BIG ONE next year.  Get ready B’s because I’m going to need you there when I make that attempt.  I’ll need my girls to help me get there and to be at the finish line with hopefully one or all of my kids cheering me to the finish.  It will be a year of preparation and focus one month at a time.  Watch out 2019 because this girl is coming for you with a vengeance.  This girl is going to be ready when you arrive!

Here’s to the next 367 days until 2019 gets here!


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Running, Dancing at Symphony Hall & A Bucket List

Today I feel like Cinderella reflecting on her wonderful evening at the Ball!  Last night I went to a show at Symphony Hall!  I have never been there and was in sheer awe at every detail of the building’s exterior, the interior and the hall itself.  The doors were leather with brass riveted fastenings, the details adorning the walls and ceilings and staircases alike were amazing.  The rugs were brilliant and royal and soft as I walked on them.  The front doors all open wide under the lit overhang which sat beneath the majestic flags that hung high near the roofline were welcoming and the staff with smiles on their faces stood at every door welcoming guests and assisting us to our seats.  It was absolutely the most beautiful building I’ve ever been in in my life.  As I sat in that brilliant hall in my seat watching just an incredible show I had something pop into my head that will be on my bucket list for sure.  I want to dance in Symphony Hall!  If I had my way, I would have been brave enough to try it, waiting for everyone to leave but that isn’t really feasible without some serious strings.  It’s actually more like a pipe dream from a combination of chick flicks out there that I’ve seen so many times.  In my fantasy the lights would be low, the tables and chairs would be cleared, the POPs would have stayed in their seats playing a dancing tune and my love would have led me to the middle of the floor for a dance while the Symphony Hall staff looked on thinking how lovely we looked.

Back to reality.  Things like that only happen in the movies but wouldn’t it be so wonderful if it actually happened? I think so and I plan on finding a way to indeed Dance at Symphony Hall!   EEJANAIKA (Japanese for What The Hell) you might be thinking.  Is this even related to Running?  The answer is actually yes!  This blog is mostly associated with running and fitness but it is also associated with having goals and being brave and being motivated which is more where this particular blog fits in.  I owe this bucket list addition to running in fact.   It is because of running that I feel like I can actually have a dream about dancing at Symphony Hall.  I am in shape now and I can dance and I now also feel comfortable in pretty clothes and flowy dresses that aren’t boxy that show off my much better shape.  Running has given me the confidence to even think that I would want to or could do that, a gift that just keeps on giving! Running has made me brave enough to have a bucket list and feel worthy of believing that I can do these things.  Running has given me a believe that I can and should experience amazing things.  I love running and all that it brings me…friends, happiness, confidence, strength, tenacity, motivation, memories and an updated bucket list!

PS: Someday I WILL dance at Symphony Hall, twirling round and round in a flowy dress and pretty dancing shoes to the music of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.   The lights down low glowing off the gold frosted walls of two tiers of balconies, caressing and flowing over ornately crafted walls and a ceiling that are intricately and delicately designed to catch and release light, memories and dreams.








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I’ve Gone Bat Shit Crazy!

Today I did it!  I pulled the trigger and signed up for two races that I have been eyeballing.  That makes 4 total that I’m signed up for and one left to register for when they open up registration.  It’s an inaugural race in VT which sounded nice and although the new ones don’t always have their acts together, they can be run by people who do know what they are doing.  It should be fun to find out.  I’m more excited because I’m running with my friends and because the VT race which is a 10 miler will be a weekend getaway for the girls!!  I don’t really go away much because most of my “getaways” over the years barring a few real vacations and getaways have been simply labelled vacations but were really weekend stays for the kids tournaments.  We did what we could  while we were away to make it as fun as we could for kids so they have fun memories even though they aren’t Disney every year or the Bahamas or somewhere on a boat.  So I’m so excited!  Another reason I’m pretty pleased about this new Jam Packed running endeavor is that it’s the most races I’ve run in a year since I started running.  I’ve run as many as 3 half marathons that were spaced out but this schedule is as follows:

June 10 mile race,  July half marathon,  August Falmouth Road Race 7 miles, October Half Marathon ending the year with the new November 7 mile Inaugural race.  All in all I will have run 6 races including the half I did in April and 7 if I get ambitious and run one in December too!  I feel really strong and super capable so why not strike while the iron is hot and I feel like I can take on the world!  So this will keep me busy and focused to keep my miles up and keep up the weights, cycle, resistance bands and Jump Deck to have races that are as good as they can be.  I’ve already set my goal for Falmouth this year and I know I can do it and after all….the fact it’s just miles and time sacrificed so I can have fun and the bottom line is:




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Is It Time To Switch Things Up?

Mother Nature had other plans for me this morning as I woke up to the sound of thunder in my ears and rain pelting my bedroom window.  I might have run in the rain but the roar of thunder quickly changed that plan.  Thank god I have my stationary bike as a backup plan to Ms. Nature’s run stumper.  Same amount time, same muscles worked, different workout outcome.  As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I would rather run than anything else in the world and probably would have to plead guilty to running too many days in a 7 day week.  It’s probably a good thing that I couldn’t run today for some reason that I’ll never discover or give much more thought to.  I believe in Karma and signs and that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe the rain saved me from being hit by a car or bit by a dog.  Who knows, who cares.  My bike is happy that I paid it a visit a few days earlier than planned and I got some Jack Reacher time in .. I do love me some Jack Reacher..Jason Bourne or my all time recent favorite Jack Ryan / Chris Pine!

Seriously, anyone who is serious about working out knows that switching up your routine is a key component to making progress toward your goals.  Initially you need routine consistency to get to the place where you know your body and what it’s capable of.  After that is established however, you need consistency AND muscle confusing variety to make forward progress.  Not doing so allows the body to adjust to the workout you are doing and it will eventually stop responding and treat the routine as normal exertion forcing you into one of a very few options:

  • switch it up again
  • accept your new plateau
  • quit

None of these are appealing to me at least which is why I  try to do something different every few weeks.  Experts recommend switching things up every 6-8 weeks for positive results.  If you find you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to step it up by switching it up.

  • You’re not sore
  • You don’t want it bad enough
  • Your heart rate is too low for a workout
  • You find that it’s suddenly “easier’ than it was before
  • You’re not engaged

I like the variety of doing different things in my weekly routine.  It keeps me engaged and interested in improving me.  Changing what you are doing ultimately allows you to keep moving toward your goal(s) whatever they may be.

What changes do you incorporate into your routine to help you stay focused?


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Because I Can That’s Why!

So, all month this month I’ve watched my miles inch up closer and closer to 100.  Now, I’ve run 100 miles in a month before but it’s been a really long time since I’ve come within 25 miles of that.  life is busy and I haven’t been running as much as I have been diversifying my workout these days.  I do what I can on a regular basis to stay healthy.  My VA trip helped because I got a lot of miles in that week and in fact because of the way the calendar in one of my running apps works, I actually thought I was going to hit 100 about 10 days ago.  My bad for not paying attention but I’m glad I didn’t because it made me set the goal to reach 100 miles in April.  Even when I realized I was further away from it than I originally believed I still wanted it!  I wanted it bad and I pretty much reach the goals I want with very few exceptions.  I realized on the 24th that I was still more than 13 miles away from the 100 but I can do that in 6 days easily.  As we all know, life is busy and this time of the year I’m painting sets for the Raynwater Players spring production just about every night and weekend.  That takes away one end of my day which I was using for extra workouts.  I don’t like running more than 3 days or so without giving my legs a break and doing Tabata or using my bike.  Night by night my opportunity to hit 100 was dwindling.  I can’t forego Tabata because as I found out with a 2 week near void of Tabata, weakness creeps back in quickly.  On Friday after my 4 miles I was down to about 11 miles needed to achieve the goal.  I knew if I put up 6 both weekend days I could make it with ease.  Saturday 6 didn’t happen so I put up 3 which forced me to do 8 today.  Now I haven’t run anything over 5.5 in two weeks.  I hate jumping in and doing lots more miles than where my routine finds me at the moment.  I just feel like it’s begging for injury and I definitely don’t want to be injured because not running would be really bad for my psyche and well, my progress at staying as fit and trim as possible. Anyway, as Genie said I don’t like doing it:

But I set out today knowing I had to do it because I wanted the 100.  Off I went on a beautiful day running a pace that felt actually slower than it turned out to be.  I tried to just enjoy the day remembering that todays run was simply about putting up miles and not about speed.  My legs protested a teeny tiny bit in the beginning because they were tired from yesterdays up and down at my son’s car wash fundraiser but they didn’t complain long or hard.  They must have known that I wanted 100 badly and they carried me the whole way home finishing 8 to make just over 100 miles for the month.  Funny how something you’ve done before can be so rewarding when you want it so much.  So I did it!  I ran 100 miles this month and I am one happy camper!  I don’t know if I’ll have  goal for May or not.  I haven’t had a monthly goal like this one before but it was fun trying to achieve it so perhaps I’ll have a new monthly goal going forward.  Who knows.  You’ll just have to keep reading to find out what happens.  What goals have you set for yourself?  Tell me in the comments and please share this blog with friends.


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Not Letting Fear Stop You From Setting & Achieving Goals

So, for those of you who actually read this blog,  you will remember that yesterday was like this big important emotional pinnacle day for me.  I stepped forward to start a fresh chapter in my life following a very dark episode.  It was like I was holding my breath for a REALLY long time and had taken my first breath of air.  So if you have been a fan of my ridiculous rants you ALSO know that I am a HUGE fan of Kelly Roberts who blogs and vlogs and does podcasts all based on her journey out of a similar dark place.  She is super motivational and funny and sarcastic and has found her strength through running and running friends.  I love following her because she makes me feel good about me and makes me realize that I should be having fun running and not be scared of setting goals and trying new things. 

So I follow her and write these blogs.  In the last 24 hours I feel like she’s egging me on.  What do I mean by that you ask?  I feel like I’ve thought more about signing up for a full marathon because of her.  Kelly would say to me “what the hell are you afraid of?”  She would tell me that I shouldn’t let the fear of such a big commitment and the possibility of not finishing prevent me from trying.  She’s right.  Why haven’t I signed up for one or tried one yet?  It is a long way but people older than me have done that.  It is a long way but people slower than me have completed them.  It is a long way but people that are not as healthy or strong as me have done it.  The factual reason that I haven’t done it so far is that I don’t want to have to commit to training RIGHT NOW.  I still have a son in high school for another year and I want to give him as much time as I gave his brother and sister.  He deserves that.  That actually is the only real reason that I haven’t jumped in and signed up.  After next May when he graduates I will no longer have any reasons not to.  I think in the back of my head I have already decided that next Fall will be my target for actually completing one.  I then think that I could run my first marathon on my 50th birthday which falls in May of 2019…THAT would be so awesome and if I did a destination race for my birthday it seems like waiting a little longer would be great.  Maybe I could get some company for such a big deal.

Anyway the IF doesn’t really exist because it’s more like WHEN and WHERE.  Listening to Kelly has helped me get over the fear of whether or not I should and to turn those thoughts into when and where I could.  A marathon has been on my bucket list in pencil and I feel like now it’s in pen.  Do you have any suggestions on amazing marathons for me to consider?  Somewhere warm (during our Fall), beautiful, flat, fun and well run are the things that I am looking for.  Tell me, I’m all ears!  Here’s to having new goals and being excited about it!