Random Thoughts

So Far, So Good

onceWe are one month in (31 days) from the day I initiated my “new and improved” fitness schedule which includes cross-training and core work and I have stuck all but 4 days.  Nothing is perfect but this is way better than I imagined I would have been able to stick.  I lead a busy life with kids in school and sports and plays etc.  We are always running and in past years I have been, in my opinion, all to quick to skip a day and find an excuse.  This year, I may switch things up but this time it becomes an off day which I need to have or I do something in it’s place like the dreaded core exercises.  God I hate those!

So 30 days in and I’m beginning to believe it will be a better habit this year.  I know at 30 days it begins to stick and at 60 you start to see results then at 90 other people do.  My desired results are a tight core, less flabby and more shapely legs for my 46 almost 47 year old body and an easier struggle through races.  My first half marathon was entirely much easier because at that time I was working out like a crazy person and had much stronger abs.  Between sit ups and swimming, I was doing really well.  I know a strong core is key so it’s planks and weighted core exercises for me!  My real results will be this summer when I buy an awesome bikini and go to the beach a lot!  I better find such a motivational fall goal or I’m up the creek! So the half way mark is here and I’m quite happy where I am… So Far So Good!