Random Thoughts

…Everyone Needs a Barbara!

getting to runIt may sound strange but running slower always makes me want to run a marathon.  I feel good and strong and happy when I run slower.  I feel like I could achieve big things, great things, amazing things.  It’s an infusion of motivation that kind of makes me laugh because slower should be de-motivating but it’s not when I think of it as training.  5.3 miles today after not running more than 3-4 in a few weeks.  Now 5.3 might not be much in the grand scheme but when I finish and I’m not gasping or wanting a nap I feel like I could run another 5 and let’s face it after 10, 26.2 isn’t that far.  LOL.

So a big shout out to my friend Barbara for not complaining as I pathetically tried really hard  to not give her a heart attack.  She never throws out the anchor, she just keeps chugging and probably more like wheezing as I drag her along.  We’re good for each other and she is good company with realistic expectations and opinions of running that mirror my own.  Besides she turned me on to these great running skirts that I am addicted to and can’t wait to get another of.  I have spent much time thinking about what I want do do with my running this year….too much time in my opinion because I should have laid these out already but whatever, I’m having a good time not tied to a goal so this will be the year I wung it which is SO NOT LIKE ME.  It’s good to be outside of normal once in a while.  So back to the point..did I actually have a point here?  Oh yeah, running slower with my friend is something I look forward to because I dream of what will come and how much I can still do.