2016 · accountability · Attitude · Random Thoughts

Beacon In The Dark

Fall is definitely here but being able to breathe in the crisp air is awesome.  beacon-of-hope-lighthouseI enjoy Fall running quite a bit for man reasons..the leaves…the cool air…. ok, maybe just two definitive reasons but every run brings me new reasons by season that I love running.  This week I found motivation in the struggles of one lady that I saw for about 10 seconds as I drove by her.  This woman was very heavy and was running down the road.  Her pace wasn’t fast but she was moving.  I could tell as I watched her that every leg movement was a challenge and probably difficult.  It was clear to me  that she was me a long time ago.  Something motivated her whether it was rock bottom like myself or maybe a new relationship or a marriage or maybe she watched a loved one pass on.  Who knows what motivates people but the fact is that those who want to will find a way or an excuse, period.  She reminded me that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.  She was a symbol that there is no competition in health, just a desire to be or get healthy to live a longer life.  In the moments that I saw her I cheered her on in my car with the windows up and rooted for her to keep going.  I love to see people getting out there and improving their lives and doing what is hard regardless to what anyone else thinks.  I don’t know her but I was proud of her.  I thought of her today as I ran my 3 miles.  She was my beacon.  The thing that reminded me that every step is progress and all progress is good.  It doesn’t matter how hard, far, slow, fast I go, as long as I go.  Today that runner on the side of the road toughing out a run that could be her first or her six hundred and seventy first run was my beacon to keep running because I can.