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Badges of Honor

Nothing motivates me more than a compliment, a success, a medal or a goal.  Those things make me want to do better, be better and do more things that are good for me.  Let’s look at my recent discovery to Tabata.  I tripped over this little gem as I recovered from the Nazi that was running something called a Bootcamp class at the gym.  I thought she was a terrorist but it turns out she was just running Tabata format.  I found out what that was called because a friend of mine said “hey, you should try out Tabata” and as it turns out, Tabata = Terrorist!  Anyway I found an app on my phone through @active that lets me put together my own Tabata or spin routine OR take one of their preset “classes” at home.  It’s so super easy to squeeze one of those routines in that I actually have managed to get the diversity into my routine under way finally!  I like it because it’s short sets with a set number of reps and exercises that don’t kill me.  LOVE! There will be more of that going on through the winter.

I also found out that I have earned badges of honor in my Garmin Connect tool too!  Now THAT was a cool find.  Usually I just upload my activity and check out pace/ heart rate and other general things.  I don’t really use it for much more than that but look at these babies!badges

Who knew that I was doing so well!  These just make me want to do a double today and tomorrow and the next day.  A MILLION STEPS!  that to me is amazing although it’s probably not outstanding in the running community but I don’t care.  It’s outstanding for me and that’s all I care about. It’s all about what motivates you and helps you to keep achieving more and stay healthy.  I do love running but on days like today where I find something that makes me feel awesome….. I feel unstoppable and amazing.  Go ME!