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Life’s Lessons: You Are Not in Charge

I have always been in tune with the fact that God exists.  I know he works in mysterious ways because I have experienced it a few times in my life when I needed something or needed to be given something.  When I was torn about having children, I was given 3 copies of the same book by different people.  The story was about three women: one wanted kids, the other didn’t and the third wasn’t sure.  Tell me that wasn’t a sign 3 kids later.  When I did the ultimate and told the Lord I was doing things my way, he promptly delivered one of the hardest and poignant lessons smack dab across the face.  I will not be smiting the almighty anytime again in this life.  As I work my way past things God delivers what he knows i need whether or not I want it.  It’s what I need.  I made a promise just this week to let something very painful go and move on to find my happiness.  I promised him I would try.  This is not to say that I wouldn’t stumble the entire way.  In the last week, when I feel angry and begin to slip back to anger and nasty words he has delivered two very clear messages to me in the form of other peoples misfortune.  On is the story of Joey and Rory


This wonderful couple are about to be separated sadly because Joey is losing her battle to Cancer.  It is tragic and brings tears to my eyes because you can see and hear in their music how much they love one another.  I think about them and then use that to be extra grateful for all that I have that they are losing and still they speak of only the good they retain from the pain.  God bless them and their little 2 year old baby who will be without her mom soon.  Nothing I have to complain about is even remotely close to worthy of even one word of negativity when I think of their true struggle.

The other is the story of a friend of mine who gives back to help grieving children who have lost parents.  He lost his father and brother on the same day in a car accident that he was the sole survivor of. These stories surround me and were delivered in such a scarily timely manner for a very specific reason.  They were given to me to remind me to be grateful for what I have and to stop complaining!  We all should be grateful for the good in our lives and should cherish those we love because tomorrow is unknown.  Life is hard, unfair and only as wonderful as you choose to make it.  Your glass is half full or nearing empty but that is all in your “perspective” which is what life is all about after all.  Perspective reminds me that I have it all and I choose to get up each day with as much “Hell Yeah and No Regrets” as I can even on the days when all I can seem to find is a little “woop with a drab side of humph”.  I try and that is all I can ask of myself every day… that and a few miles to make it all better.  What is your glass?