Random Thoughts

One slow day at a time

determinationWe are 5 full weeks into 2016.  One of my big new years resolution, is spending organization.  I have vowed to track my spending, all of it.  Everything I spend I put into the new little app that I have on my phone.  So far so good and in fact holding myself accountable like this has in fact curbed my spending a bit.  It’s not perfect but better and better is all I really wanted.  I have a random spending problem in that I spend whenever I want instead of planned spending.  This is a work in progress and we will see how it goes as the year goes on.  My biggest resolution is to add cross training into my fitness routine.  I have a really hard time doing anything else but running because I’d rather BE running.  So this year i promised myself that I would try hard and so far so good.  I am currently training for a 10 mile run at the end of Feb and most likely will sign up for the New Bedford Half Marathon since my 10 mile race falls exactly where the 10 mile training run would be for a half.  I just can’t pass that opportunity up…it’s too perfect!

So, I have put together a program, laid it out on a calendar and follow it every day.  I check off each day and make changes when they happen.  So far so good.  I run 4 days on average and have added Body Pump 86 to the mix 2-3 times per week.  Now the challenge is also fitting in some additional core to the mix.  That is the one thing I haven’t managed to get in regularly yet and funny enough it’s the easiest to do.  One thing, one slow day at a time & I am determined!