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Runners are crazy!

runners are crazyWTH!  Day two with the heavy legs.  Seriously it feels like I’m toting two toddlers one for each leg.  Maybe it’s because it’s the warmest it’s been all season thus far.  It isn’t lack of water because I drank like a fish today and it wasn’t due to lack of nutrition since I eat well and all the time.  So I don’t know what the issue is but I am hoping it goes away soon.  So I pushed through three miles which is now my non training average in roughly 9:30 pace which is my new speed.  I’m ok with this since I have visions of attempting bigger things when my life allows and I feel like slowing down to achieve the ultimate goal is pertinent.  Some days you just have to be thankful it’s over and keep looking ahead.  So checkmark for the day for me and moving my mind on to tomorrow.  Tomorrow I run with friends and that is always a good run no matter how bad it could possibly be.  Runners just keep torturing themselves…when it hurts we keep going.  When we’re wet we keep going.  When we’re hurt, tired, hot or cold we just keep lacing them up and heading out and we always make time for a run.  Theres always a good reason to go for a run, you know like the sun is up, you need a shower anyway or my favorite reason…FOOD!  God I love food and I will run as long as I can eat.  I’ll be that little old lady looking like she’s in slow motion barely moving at all just to eat a big bowl of popcorn or maybe a DQ!  What is true is that we’re all Crazy but that’s what makes us who we are.  We are runners and we are dedicated and serious and yes crazy but aren’t we all crazy to a degree anyway?  Of course we are so what better way to maintain the status quo than running.  Can’t think of one single better reason.  Can you?