Random Thoughts

It’s All In What You Tell Yourself

want to5 Days of not running began to worry me.  What if all of a sudden I couldn’t run because my body forgot how!!!!  These are the ridiculous things that one thinks about on normal rest days let alone a 5-day running rest marathon!  UUGGHHH!  I hate it so much but have become quite good at accepting them when they occur.  It’s kind of like training for a race.  Why is it that we actually give merit to the question “what if I can’t run the entire distance?”  Seriously…  If you have run one, you can run many.  It’s all in your head in my opinion because unless you are crippled there is no excuse, not even being blind, that should keep you from finishing a race.  I use the blind example because I actually know a guy who was a marathon trainer and guide for someone who was blind so I know it’s possible.  It’s just a matter of want to.  We are amazing creatures that have accomplished amazing things.  There is nothing in this world that I cannot do if I set my mind to it. PERIOD!  If you believe in yourself and in something then you should just go do it.  Don’t wait, Don’t spend endless hours wondering, Don’t think you can, KNOW you can and it shall be done.  Today I knew I could put down three miles because I’ve done it hundreds of times over the last 5 years that I have been running.  I didn’t really think I couldn’t, my impending run did not frighten me, I didn’t actually wonder if I could get it done..I knew it and I did.  I didn’t even have a really slow time for a slow run.  It was about average and it got done.  I knew it would and now I can check off one more fitness routine that I completed in my new and improved routine.  I’m doing really well with challenging myself to switch it up and take on more in 2016.