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My New Toys!

I must be a workout freak.  Why you might ask?  Well for my birthday everyone got me workout stuff!  I am so excited!  I would rather get workout stuff instead of perfume or clothes or flowers or anything really.  I love working out and ok, I do it all the time, now twice a day because I can.  So my new gear includes a TRX system, resistance band assortment with accessories for use and …and this one I can’t wait to use was from my daughter.  I got a Gold’s Gym Jump Deck.  First off, I jumped for about 10 seconds just to try it out last night and it tired my legs right out.  Ok, that feels shameful to say since I run and bike and weight train which includes squats.  I feel like I shouldn’t have felt tired but now it’s a mission to use this new toy and get stronger. I like this because on one side is a trampoline for jumping type exercises and when you turn it over it’s a hard step deck for squats and lunges and other type exercises.  It’s so useful it seems and it is by far and away the best gift my daughter has ever given me!  She researched this thing and thought about me and what I’d like and tried so hard to get me something that she purchased all on her own that I don’t already have and that she thought I would love and use.  I was so happy because she was so happy and I cannot wait to use this new gift tonight.  I tried the resistance bands last night for :45 minutes on core work and it definitely worked since my abs are sore.  I am not ever sore when I do the sit ups and side dips and twists when I do Tabata but one time with my new toys and I am feeling it.  That is a new addition to my fitness work.  So I am happy to be a workout freak because I think it’s fun keeping myself in respectable shape and watching all the changes I’m making and how I feel.  I’m happy that my family cares enough about me to give gifts that are truly wanted and appreciated.  It’s good to be loved!


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Having A Strong Core

absI really never put enough of a priority on having a strong core.  I would rather run than anything and doing sit ups gives me hives.  At one point I had a very strong core because I was cross training and swimming and running.  This was just before my first half marathon which I finished in 2:02 and change.  After that race I cut down on all my workouts and stuck to running only. I gained back 20 of the 50 lbs that I had lost which wasn’t all fat but it wasn’t all muscle either.  My pace slowed down and I got lazy.  It showed in how tired i was after a run, how slow I became (pushing 10 minute mile from 9) and how snug my clothes became.  Recently I finally managed to work Tabata workouts into my running routine.  I’ve worked arms, abs and butt.  it’s only been 3 weeks but I now see it in my run stats.  I am running faster without running harder.  I thought that might be from running more but it is most assuredly from doing my core work and now I’m obsessed with a six pack again.   I’ll take a 4 pack but getting a core of steel as much as I can at 47 is my goal.  Sometimes you need to see it for yourself to understand it and believe it.  Whatever it is, go get it and do whatever it takes to get there.  You can do it!


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So Far, So Good

onceWe are one month in (31 days) from the day I initiated my “new and improved” fitness schedule which includes cross-training and core work and I have stuck all but 4 days.  Nothing is perfect but this is way better than I imagined I would have been able to stick.  I lead a busy life with kids in school and sports and plays etc.  We are always running and in past years I have been, in my opinion, all to quick to skip a day and find an excuse.  This year, I may switch things up but this time it becomes an off day which I need to have or I do something in it’s place like the dreaded core exercises.  God I hate those!

So 30 days in and I’m beginning to believe it will be a better habit this year.  I know at 30 days it begins to stick and at 60 you start to see results then at 90 other people do.  My desired results are a tight core, less flabby and more shapely legs for my 46 almost 47 year old body and an easier struggle through races.  My first half marathon was entirely much easier because at that time I was working out like a crazy person and had much stronger abs.  Between sit ups and swimming, I was doing really well.  I know a strong core is key so it’s planks and weighted core exercises for me!  My real results will be this summer when I buy an awesome bikini and go to the beach a lot!  I better find such a motivational fall goal or I’m up the creek! So the half way mark is here and I’m quite happy where I am… So Far So Good!


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One slow day at a time

determinationWe are 5 full weeks into 2016.  One of my big new years resolution, is spending organization.  I have vowed to track my spending, all of it.  Everything I spend I put into the new little app that I have on my phone.  So far so good and in fact holding myself accountable like this has in fact curbed my spending a bit.  It’s not perfect but better and better is all I really wanted.  I have a random spending problem in that I spend whenever I want instead of planned spending.  This is a work in progress and we will see how it goes as the year goes on.  My biggest resolution is to add cross training into my fitness routine.  I have a really hard time doing anything else but running because I’d rather BE running.  So this year i promised myself that I would try hard and so far so good.  I am currently training for a 10 mile run at the end of Feb and most likely will sign up for the New Bedford Half Marathon since my 10 mile race falls exactly where the 10 mile training run would be for a half.  I just can’t pass that opportunity up…it’s too perfect!

So, I have put together a program, laid it out on a calendar and follow it every day.  I check off each day and make changes when they happen.  So far so good.  I run 4 days on average and have added Body Pump 86 to the mix 2-3 times per week.  Now the challenge is also fitting in some additional core to the mix.  That is the one thing I haven’t managed to get in regularly yet and funny enough it’s the easiest to do.  One thing, one slow day at a time & I am determined!