Junk Food

And Without Warning…

My entire life has been one big consideration as to whether or not I should eat something or not.  I grew up donning a bum and I’m no fragile waif.  My mother has been heavy my entire life and I have always considered everything I put in my mouth.  I never wanted to be heavy and food has been like my lifelong bully.  It has dominated every day in my life and I wake up thinking about what I’m going to eat…for the ENTIRE day!  OK, I realize I have a problem.  Since I began running a few years ago I worry less about it because I know I’ll put in a workout that will help balance things off.  I have given up 90% of my bread consumption and milk only happens once in a while.  I don’t eat a lot of sweets although I do have what is probably my fair share now.  I don’t drink alcohol except perhaps once per year and I don’t consume soda.  I do drink lots of water but it needs flavoring added or I can’t be bothered.  I rarely eat pancakes or pizza and I would eat salad every day of the year for lunch, dinner or both if I could afford it.

The Culprits

I give up my fair share of bad stuff so I feel like I’m doing ok.  Last night however, without warning as I was making cupcakes for a school event and one of those suckers just jumped in my mouth before I could stop it!  COME ON!  Look at them!

They were too good to resist and I didn’t care that I hadn’t run to earn it.  I had to have one and I did.  So what.  No one cares that I ate a cupcake and I didn’t balloon overnight into a blimp because of it.  I will tell you it was so delicious with the red velvet goodness that housed a chocolate raspberry filling and was topped with a yummy purple powdered sugar frosting sprinkled with blue sugar sprinkles.  I was defenseless what could I do?  I was blindsided by a cupcake sneak attack.  You see I had to do it right?  Tomorrow I’ll be running that off!