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My New Gadget

vivoactiveI am not sure how much responsibility I can assign to my new Vivoactive and how much I should take in terms of motivation, but I ran mile 3 of a 3 mile run at 8:48 today!  Part of me just felt good but part of me wanted to see some other colored dots on my awesome cadence chart:

My normal cadence


My cadence today






See all those great purple dots?  I was hoofing it at the end. Maybe I’m juvenile but looking forward to seeing those elevated pink spots on a chart was very helpful to me in maintaining a faster pace.  I really love this new watch and when I get my new Apple iPhone I will also get phone messages and be able to control my playlist from it as well as get the weather and play with my calendar all from one place.  I love gadgets and doo dads and this one is by far my favorite.  I like my Garmin Forerunner but not like I like this watch.  I don’t have to wait for a stupid satellite link like I do with my Forerunner, I can see how I’m pacing as I go and when I press the start / stop button…imagine that it does it.  It was a great gift from my husband for my birthday.  So it will be interesting to see how regular I become with a faster pace with this new watch.  Everyone has something that motivates them.  I guess for me it’s dots LOL!   I can’t help myself.