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Some Days

bug-windshieldSome mornings nothing seems to go right.  Today is working itself up to be one of those days.  First I got up late….like a half hour late.  I can’t be late because  I make breakfast for my husband and son before my run can commence.   A half hour isn’t conducive to being on time for work but neither is sitting here writing this blog at 7:03.  I’ll have to make it brief.  So I woke up late and made breakfast sort of dreading going for a run due to the time.  Now I’m looking for my watch which I can’t find.  Lordee this seems like an omen for not going out for a run.  Found the watch, slap it on and head out. Not my best run but done just the same and I kept it under 10 minute miles for the most part.  Mile two was slow but improved my mood a bit.  Mile 3 was the fastest as it always is around 9:30 which is a good place to end.  I didn’t really have a lot of energy.  Today I’m tired which is probably why it’s kind of a funky morning.  First I put my oatmeal in my coffee mug with my splenda…great!  Take that out, put it in another cup, fix coffee cup and eat.  Note to self, do NOT play with knives today under any circumstance!  LOL  Some days just might not be great and they may not go your way fully and that’s ok.  I did get out for a run so even if nothing else goes right, I did manage something good today.  It’s just the way it goes sometimes.  Tomorrow is a new day!


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The Invincible Warrior Princess & Voting

princess2Today I did not woos out of cold weather.  I think when I looked it was something ridiculous like 30 or maybe even 28.  I don’t have the luxury of running at lunch today or didn’t think so.  I remembered after my warrior run that my son does not have school and can make dinner for us.  Well it’s a good thing I didn’t remember that because I would have missed out on an enjoyable, technically freezing cold run. I didn’t mind the cold. I wore my lined pants that are all fuzzy and soft inside that I love wearing until I put them on and remember I have to keep yanking them up. No worries I put on long socks today so my ankles were warm and I didn’t have to yank up my drawers.  LOL So out I went because I was determined to do so.  Socks on my hands (couldn’t find my gloves) only lasted a mile, a hat on my head so my ears stayed warm, double layer thermal shirts all in the name of getting it done, and I did.  I finished proud of myself for getting out there.  There is something incredibly empowering about running in the freezing cold.  It makes me feel like an invincible warrior more than any other type of run.  So what does the invincible warrior princess do after a great ice run?  She votes!  Yep I did my duty and exercised my right to choose by voting.  I hope you do too and I hope you get a run in today.







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Just Done

Dirty dishes pile needing washing up. Household chore concept on white background

Some days it isn’t really motivation that gets you out the door as much as it is just kicking your own ass to get it done no matter what.  Today was one of those days.  I woosed out of 36 degrees this morning and opted for a Runch.  The time came and I was absolutely dreading it.  Not one bone in my body wanted to go for a run today and join my brain in the festivities.   My brain was the only logical section of me that wanted to go, probably because it would go against the routine to not do so on a day that all body parts had not agreed was a rest day.  I hated the thought of running today but knew when lunch came that I was going to kick my ass out into the cold and go because I’m not a quitter.  I am not a quitter and I don’t want those around me to think that I am either.  you can’t miss my workout bag.  It’s not like it’s black or a color that blends in….OH NO!  My bag is not only bright orange, it’s camo print bright orange so when I’m going for a workout at lunch everyone knows it when I walk in the door.  No getting out of the message I send when I get to work that I am determined and focused to work out.  There’s pressure that I intentionally put on myself there so that I don’t in fact wimp out.   I have once or twice wimped out and gone home to run or maybe once just not gone at all.  Rare is that day now. So I put my feet in motion, changed and practically launched myself outside into the crisp November air.  I can’t really complain because it’s warm for November.  46 is a gift and by far not the coldest I’ve ever run in.

Every step I take is begrudging to myself but I settle into what seems like a slow pace just to get it done.  I’m familiar with the road I’m on because I run it all the time at lunch.  It’s a busy road with a wide side lane that I usually can be found in.  Every step is a relief because I’m one step closer to being done.  That’s all I want today is to be done.  I get to the mile mark a half mile short of my turn around point and my Garmin tells me that I’m on my regular pace. Not quite 9:30 but not 10 either.  Not bad for a piss poor attitude on autopilot.  At the half way mark I don’t stop except to yank up my pants and turn around.  I’m not tired, I just don’t want to be out here.  At 2 miles I am still on a decent pace and happy to be on my way back nearly finished and when I’m done I stop my watch and give myself a mental pat on the back for not quitting or turning around before I was done.

Some days even when it’s respectable you just call it done and call it a day.  You won’t be into every workout every day and that’s ok but you need the self discipline to get it done on the days when you just feel blah or meh about a workout.   Some days you have to take a day off, some days you need to take on and some days you just want one.  Accept those days as part of the process of fitness but don’t let them be a regular distraction because that’s how we fall off the wagon and as we know, the wagon is a hard thing to get back on once we fall off.  So today is done and I’m happy.  Happy that I did it, happy I had the discipline to get out there even with a half hearted attitude.  Happy that I can say I did it.  Today is done and tomorrow is not yet written.  I’ll tackle tomorrow when it gets here, till then…








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My Nemesis

I hate the scale!  How is it possible that I rune roughly 5/7 days a week, don’t eat a lot of junk and drink a ton of waterscale_upload-x and it still isn’t my friend!  I do not want to go all radical again but it’s clear I have to do something more to get it to befriend me.  I am tired of watching this stupid gadget tell me horrible truths that I wish I could call lies …but they are not.  I know I am 47 and at an age where it is harder to get it off and I know that if I want something I have definitely learned that I have what it takes to get it done.  I will say that doing it while angry is much easier because you don’t do the right things and you don’t do things for the right reasons because you are on autopilot.  I have to find a way to do it while I’m happy and that is a challenge.  My goal is 20 lbs not 100 or 75 so it’s totally doable.  My goal this weekend is to outline the plan and probably get back to the gym for additional efforts to get there.  Just gotta do it and I will.  Till then, the scale will remain my nemesis and drive me to keep focused…sorry scale, I don’t think I’ll ever love you.


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My Friends Rachel and will.i.am

Consistency is key in the running world as is hard work and perseverance, healthy eating , good sleep and all those things that you read about.  Sometimes however, it is about the singers and songs that you bring with you to power you through the miles whether they be 3 or 7 or 13.1, 26.2 and beyond.  Today in the last mile of 3 I did the repeat thing to two songs that helped me up my current game in the last mile.  Thanks to will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas for I got a feeling and to the one who put out the song that embodies my fight to recover my life that nearly ended in sadness….Rachel Platten’s Fight Song might not have come out in the dark days but it came out and powers me on no matter the day.  Today I hit a pace that I haven’t seen in a while because my music friends were by my side telling me to keep going and to push on faster because I could.  I love days like this when I am strong and feel powerful.  I love running and I hope that if you ever decide to become a runner by taking that first step, that you love it too.

On another happy note,  my friend Barbara and I were selected to run the Falmouth Road Race in August.  I’m excited about it.  It’s a 7 miler full of hills that mean hill training.  BRING IT ON because I eat hills!  The Bad Ass Runners (that would be Barbara and I) will come by storm and make our mark on another challenge.  I am healthy and strong and I can do anything I set my mind to…sing it Rachel