Random Thoughts

Can’t vs. Not

rest-dayI like it when I decide on a rest day and when I get up and look outside to see that it’s raining.  The reason I like this is that immediately in my mind the “I’m not running” which causes me sadness and a struggle to abide by the rest days becomes “I can’t run” and I no longer feel guilty.  Everyone likes a good excuse every once in a while but the only time I do is when it comes to justifying my off days.  If I turned off days into weight days like I really should I wouldn’t worry about it but my lazy self just can’t seem to get motivated to get there again.  It wasn’t long ago when I was an exercising freak.  Working out twice a day, running, swimming, weight training, running, Zumba, spinning like a maniac.  I couldn’t get enough.  Now I have a gym membership that’s collecting dust which I need to start using again since winter is coming and I will need an outlet should the weather be unfriendly for running.  I’ll get there with a little focus but till then I like it when I can go from I’m not to I can’t when it comes to rest days!