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Some Days You Just Do What You Can

Fitness is about dedication, determination, acceptance, fortitude, routine, consistency, learning, application, switching it up, flexibility and so many other things.  Learning to work within all of these words to be the best and smartest athlete you can is a process.  Sometimes you give it your all and other times you give it all you have in the tank. Knowing when to do either of those things is really important.  Being able to accept the days when you just can’t give 100% for whatever reason is something that takes a lot of effort, at least on my part, to wrap my head around.  You won’t get very far if you don’t learn to work within the boundaries of what can and cannot be accomplished on any given day.  You do what you can and accept that one day at a time.

My struggle to decide what fitness routine I want to do every day at 5:00 am isn’t always clear.  Sometimes I don’t even know until that morning what direction I’m going to take.  Sometimes I end up doing exactly what I want and other days I just do what I can because time isn’t always on my side. I can’t complain because I work out 7 days a week most weeks and switching up my routine with a schedule like that is really important to staying healthy and not wearing myself down too much.   Today I had another fight with my body.  We got home from rehearsal at 11:45.  Thank god I did lunches earlier in the night!  Anyway, my alarm just seemed to go off way too early.  I fought with my body, which will be another year older in a few weeks, for 15 minutes after the alarm went off trying to decide if we were headed out or headed downstairs.  I wasn’t really keen on even getting out of bed today.  Sleep was laying on me like an elephant today and I wasn’t really fighting it much.  So after several minutes of consideration and deliberation about what we were going to commit to, downstairs won.

For those who haven’t read my previous blogs, my husband and I build, paint and manage the sets for the high school musical productions put on by The Raynwater Players made up of the students at the school.  The show is tomorrow and its ridiculously big this time with too many sets, too many pieces left to finish and too many late nights.  Making this all happen is cumbersome and there is just so much prep each night to make the most of every minute.  Making dinners and lunches and getting supplies and things grows daily and takes more and more time away from sleeping as we get closer.  Today I can’t even go in to work on the show because I will be picking my son up from college for the summer (WOO HOO!  SO HAPPY!).

These things all take my time putting a choke hold on free time / me time.  These days during show prep I do what I can and accept that for now.  The show will be over soon and I can go back to two-fers soon.  So today the bike won the draw and it’s actually probably good that I stayed in because my knee felt a little wonky.  It didn’t hurt but it just felt wonky today.  I believe in signs so I’ll chalk that one up to a sign that bad things would have happened today if I had gone outside to run.  Thirty minutes is thirty minutes whether it’s running or weight training or riding the bike.  It all goes to reinforce the same thing and that is keeping me healthy and agile.  Some days you do what  you want and other days you just do what you can because something is better than nothing on any given day.

Have you had challenges getting your workouts in?  How do you make it all work?


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Helping Ourselves To Be The Best That We Can Be

Until recently, I purchased running wear that was available at my local department stores.  Mostly name brands like Under Armour, Champion and Reebok and some other miscellaneous mixed in.  They work and are affordable and until now all I needed was something to wear that wasn’t from Walmart since they don’t have the best reputation with clothing that lasts.  About a month ago, I broke down and purchases some @Fabletics mainly because they have really great prints but my excuse was that I wanted to see if the price was worth it.  I was taking a shot to see how well made they were or if it was just another celebrity paving the way for their retirement career.  It’s probably a little of that but I needed to know what I was going to get for my money.  I ordered a bunch of stuff because they give you great deals to suck you into a membership.  It’s not too bad because I control if / when I order and there’s minimal responsibility for that membership.  I will say that the pricing is ok but comparatively it’s great if you look at some other well known and reputable brands like Oiselle and Lululemon.  I don’t mind spending money on things that will last and that includes running shoes.  I got my order and now I’m hooked.  The compressive quality of these leggins are amazing!  I actually like them better than my other running clothes because they are snug and hold all my junk in place.  My legs feel so much better during and after a long run when I wear them and not just a little.  I love them!  I love my Sparkle Skirts too but the shorts under them are not really comparative to how the @Fabletics pants feel.  That’s fine.  Everything has a purpose and my skirts are for shorter runs and races.  I know that sounds weird but I like to look smashing at a race and the skirts just look ultra awesome.  Just because of that fact they will maintain their racing priority even though they don’t massage my legs as much.  That’s ok, I now know what I want for more challenging runs and long races.  These @Fabletics are so good that I went out on a limb and purchased my mother a pair so she can use them on her legs which need compression and super support.  I am really hoping she loves them and they do the job.  We’ll see in a few days!

As we gain more experience we learn what we like and dislike, need and don’t need, love and hate.  It happens with anything that we wish to invest our time and effort into.  We read and experiment with things as runners like fuel during a race to find out what works and what does not.  We try different support items like socks and shoes and compression pants.  We learn how to dress for all kinds of weather and how to pack for the unexpected.  We learn how to manage ourselves to avoid things like bathroom emergencies and running out of water and we all have rituals that we follow from dirty socks to stretching mantras. Some of us seek acupuncturists, doctors, masseuses, cupping professionals and even circulatory specialists to make our bodies do what we continually push them to do.  We become experts and share the golden knowledge with as many as will hear it because we were there once too down at the beginning of an adventure that we really hoped we could like as we gasped for oxygen after our very first humbling mile.  It just happens when you hang out with other runners and spend the ridiculous amounts of money that we do on racing for that almighty bling.  Well for me the reason to sign up for a race if it’s not to do it with friends is because the reward at the end is stellar!  We learn about ourselves and others, about our thresholds and base points.  Why?  Because we all want the same thing which is to be the best that we can be for as long as we can be as we are out there on the courses day after day.  We do all of this because we are runners.