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New Things

Today was a gross day for running.  Humid and nasty.  I had to stop and yank my pant legs up and pull my elastic out to make a tank top out of my t-shirt so I didn’t overheat.  Nasty but another 3 miles in the books for me.  So, Since Johnny left for college just 4 days ago, I’ve found many new things that I would say are an improvement to the drudgery of what could be considered a daily routine.  Lunch making, dinner making, breakfast making, work, running, shower sleep repeat… not exactly in that order but you get it.  So the few new additions to that routine are:

  1. Ssnapchatnapchat- I now have an iPhone and Snapchat and I am learning how to do video, use filters and just have what many adults forget how to do… have fun- yeah that’s me over there after today’s run
  2. Skype- although this one is not a new tool, I am using it much more to talk to John just about every day.  The fact that my wonderful child WANTS to talk to us at the end of most days makes me so happy.  We did tell him that he doesn’t need to but I’m not going to turn down any day that he does.  Somewhere he must know how much I miss him
  3. learning to figure out how to NOT be a pain.  Containing all the things I want to tell Johnny till we talk to him is hard for me since I’m impulsive and not really that patient.
  4. keeping the remaining troops happy-  Remembering to smile and pay the same attention to my other kids while one is missing is now always top of mind while trying not to smother them because I’m hanging on by what seems to be my nails at moments.  Even James said I was doing good not being overbearing so Good Job Mom!

Running, as it has for the last 1,899 days, has kept me sane, kept me fitter, definitely keeps me happy and now helps me to keep the balance as life changes.  That’s a lot of days but every one of  them has had a hand in healing and cementing my faith that God is never far away when you need Him.