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I’m Not The Picture In My Head

100Let’s face it, as we get older we must adjust the picture in our head from Victoria’s Secret / Ronda Rousey to something a little less everything.  Less tough, less tight less bright eyed and bushy tailed.  With age comes wisdom and also less elasticity and collagen filling our bumps and curves.  We must learn to accept that the picture in the mirror and in our minds has to be reflective of something more realistic that it was 25 years ago.  25 years ago I could do 100 sit ups at one time and POOF! my belly disappeared.  Now I am still working on what the magic number is that will make that all go away.  The number that won’t wear me out so much that I fall asleep in my dinner.  The number that won’t make me light headed or turn me into a cripple begging people not to say anything remotely funny for the next 4 days.  That number is still eluding me so I accept that I must carry around a speed bump until I find it.  I can’t complain because it’s not a foo-pah which gives me the heebie-jeebies.  It’s a realistic part of who I am now.   I’m a mom of 3 wonderful kids who spent many years too busy to bother trying to work out at 5 am or 9 pm.  I’m a full time worker  who sometimes has to eat on the road while driving to a clients office.  I’m a mom who still travels on the weekends to sit on a field in the rain, cold, sun and heat cheering my kid on.  This sometimes involves eating on the run.  Although I try not to eat junk, a granola bar is barely acceptable but all I can manage some days.  I am older now and can feel that I don’t have the hutzpah that I once did despite the fact that I still have more energy than some people much younger than I.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or do drugs or eat poorly.  I think I take pretty good care of my vessel and mind but still I am aging just the same.  I get octtired and have modified my routine so that it fits my schedule and what I can manage.  I think this is pretty outstanding for 47.  Now I know some run marathons which I do not.  I know some are triathletes which I am not and some crazy people run hundreds of miles at a time which I do not.  I am not them and I don’t expect me to be.  I could be if I wanted to and honestly I would probably be in better shape than I am if I did but I don’t want to quite frankly.  What I manage now makes me happy and is at a comfort level that makes me feel good and healthy.  So although I don’t look like the girl that once camped out in my head, I do look like the girl in the mirror and she looks ok.  As we grow older we have to be accepting of our limitations and realistic goals.  We can’t give up, we just need to adjust what we believe of ourselves and how hard we are able work to achieve it without killing ourselves.  Getting older is an adjustment both mental, physical and emotional that needs some big time attention to details.  We can’t stop it from happening but we can harness it and make the ride a little smoother and enjoyable.  It’s all about attitude, acceptance, application and a willingness to love who we are at any stage of our life while working to be the best version of ourselves that we can!




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Not so Hip

hip painYep that picture is exactly where it hurts…on both sides but mainly on my left side.  I have had to adjust my workouts because my stupid hip hurts.  I don’t know if I strained a ligament or I’ve overdone something or whatever, but lifting my leg into pants or the squat motion is moderately uncomfortable.  I stopped Body Pump last week to give my hips a rest and will see if the pain subsides.  I hope it does so I can get back to getting back in shape or in better shape anyway.  I’m facing down 50 in a couple of years and no matter how much I imagine it, I’ll never be a beach babe.  I don’t even know why I would want to but perhaps my brain is still in young and vibrant mode.  I think I’m beyond that on more levels than just looking good in a bikini.  Oh I’ll do what I can alright but striving for fit may just have to do over tight parts.  No one is really looking anyway so the only one that really cares is me.  I guess that’s fine so long as I keep goals real and perspective sharp.  At the end of any day as long as I run I’m so happy whether it’s a good run or bad run,  i’ve achieved more than many do in any given day.  I hope it’s prolonging my life so I can see my kids kids and live the second half of my life far better and with more enthusiasm and less worry about things that don’t matter.  So having a sore hip isn’t the worst thing in the world, just a shift in direction at this moment in time.  It’s all good!