2016 · Running Environment

Home Run

what noise looks likeToday was my first run at home since Virginia.  There is one thing I have realized and that is that Home Runs are so noisy.  What I heard before I left was white noise that to my brain, having lived in this house 15 years and running for 5 of those, was assumed environmental output like the birds in Virginia.  I live parallel to the highway and for the first time since I moved in it was incredibly loud.  Not only was it loud but it was bothersome.  Part of why I run in the morning is that it is or was peaceful and quiet.  It’s nothing of the sort!  In fact, the highway noise is so loud that I could hear it every step of my 3 miles which travels away from the highway for 1.25 before rounding back around to my house.  I have been oblivious to it because it’s always the same and always there but now it seems so damn loud.  I wonder if it will go back to normal and I will once again be oblivious to it.  That would be nice but chances are that every time I step outside the front door I’ll think about how it never bothered me before and now it does.  Blame it all on my parents I say.  It’s their fault for moving there in the first place and making me travel there to see them forcing me to run there because well, I have to run.  It isn’t that I want to run….I HAVE to run because it’s now part of me and that is good.

Note to self:  always have someone to blame!

Note to you:  HAPPY RUNNING!