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Not so Hip

hip painYep that picture is exactly where it hurts…on both sides but mainly on my left side.  I have had to adjust my workouts because my stupid hip hurts.  I don’t know if I strained a ligament or I’ve overdone something or whatever, but lifting my leg into pants or the squat motion is moderately uncomfortable.  I stopped Body Pump last week to give my hips a rest and will see if the pain subsides.  I hope it does so I can get back to getting back in shape or in better shape anyway.  I’m facing down 50 in a couple of years and no matter how much I imagine it, I’ll never be a beach babe.  I don’t even know why I would want to but perhaps my brain is still in young and vibrant mode.  I think I’m beyond that on more levels than just looking good in a bikini.  Oh I’ll do what I can alright but striving for fit may just have to do over tight parts.  No one is really looking anyway so the only one that really cares is me.  I guess that’s fine so long as I keep goals real and perspective sharp.  At the end of any day as long as I run I’m so happy whether it’s a good run or bad run,  i’ve achieved more than many do in any given day.  I hope it’s prolonging my life so I can see my kids kids and live the second half of my life far better and with more enthusiasm and less worry about things that don’t matter.  So having a sore hip isn’t the worst thing in the world, just a shift in direction at this moment in time.  It’s all good!