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Finding the Things You Want

vaI recently took a trip to my parents house in Va.  Running in VA is a little different for me because it is 400′ higher above the sea level than it is at home.  Hills seem harder, heat and humidity seem much more punishing and the nothingness between houses is both beautiful and horror movie creepy when you’re running alone at dawn with nothing more than your thoughts to keep your imagination from freaking you out.  The sunrise you see here is one of the reasons I do go out and run a harder run while on vacation there.  It takes your breath away and makes you pause for a moment to realize that you are witnessing something that many will not have the pleasure of seeing in their lifetime.  It makes you appreciate the here and now and is the most wonderful break from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life.  Home is busy, chaotic, loud interjections of stimulus all day every day that tire me out in my brain by the end of the day.  Maybe I’m getting old and starting to think about days when I can get up and sit on my porch like my parents do every single morning watching the sun crest the earth shedding light over all that God has created.  I did this every day while I was there and I miss it a lot this time.  This is my father working on a word find that I found on mom’s kindle for him. bob

They live a simple life now and I have to say that although it’s what I might say mundane to me at the moment in terms of long term feasibility, it has a certain air of peacefulness that has begun to surface in my list of things I like.  There are certain joys that come with a quieter environment like butterflies and hummingbirds that you take the time to notice and enjoy just because they are there.  These have become the things that I look forward to with each 12 hour driving trip I take to head down there.  These to me represent the things that we forget to notice in our day to day lives here.  It isn’t that they don’t exist, it’s that we don’t see them until we are well into our life span and try to share them with our children who won’t take the time in that future time as we don’t take the time now.  It’s the circle of life where we look back and try to teach lessons we have learned onto what are semi-deaf ears.  The same deaf ears and eyes that we wore / wear for many years in our lives.  Virginia running and life brings to the foreground a time that will someday be routine.  It is reflective and lonesome, quiet and challenging all rolled into one and spread over the surface of sheer amazing beauty.trio

Everyone should do some time in Virginia and definitely tackle some runs on the rolling rising hills that span across a seemingly unending landscape of horizons and sunrises and sunsets perpetually cemented into a summers day wrapped in a package of fresh air.