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It’s Who You Hang With

running-groupI haven’t run a regular 9:15 pace in some time.  I’ve accepted that I’m 20 lbs heavier but 30 lbs lighter than my lowest and highest weight. I seem to average 9:30 – 9:45 pace these days and on a given day as long as I’m not purposely going super slow that is ok with me.  I ran a 5 mile race yesterday one town over from my hometown.  I know the area and it’s not super hilly which is good for me.  I ran this one with a friend.  I didn’t actually run with her but just in the same race.  We don’t have the same pace so we don’t stay together generally.  As I ran this race I picked two runners that were running together.  They were much younger than I but were keeping a doable pace that I thought I could maintain so I stayed with them.  Mile 1 was 9:06 which I haven’t seen in a really long time.  Mile 2 was 18:42 or something which was still way below the pace I thought I was going to keep.  I wasn’t overwhelmed or exhausted but could definitely feel that I was pushing myself within a comfortable and moderately elevated range.  I figured I would keep up with them as long as I could and if I had to slow down I would.  We kept going and hit mile 3 somewhere around the 28 minute mark which was great.  I wanted to turn around and wait for my friend a few times just to have my own company to run with but I knew she would get mad because every runner should run their own race.  I just get lonely out there all by myself all the time in my races.  Anyway, we were just about at mile 4 and I told the girls (who I wasn’t actually running with, just behind) that we were doing great.  They smiled and then moved over to let me pass.  I guess they were creeped out or maybe just didn’t want a tail.  Either way when I passed the 4 mile mark I kicked it into gear.  I wanted to run a fast 5th mile at something faster than what I had been putting down.  No real reason other than that but I just set in, turned it up and kicked it into gear for the last mile.  At the last turn I really pushed hard, encouraging one of the girls that won one of the age brackets to push hard in the finish.  Maybe I was responsible for her taking 3rd place. Maybe.  I didn’t win a medal but I did win in my mind because that mile 5 turned out to be an 8:26 mile. nov-13 WOO HOO!!!  I did it!  I was proud of me and I think I have those girls to thank for pacing me.  They might not have known they paced me but they did and I had a really good race because of them. Thank you whomever you were for not getting bent out of shape that I was on your coattails for 5 miles.  It might not have been a “big” race but it made my day and sometimes that’s all that we need.  So whatever your reason is, wherever you are find the ones that will help get you there and don’t leave their side.  Follow their example and don’t quit and you’ll be successful in all that you do.





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When Planning Doesn’t Work….Look On The Bright Side!

Quote-thing-work-outSome days are better than others.  On some days I have made the family lunches the night before, get up early to slap some kind of edible sustenance at my family calling it breakfast just so I can head out the door for a run.  I love morning running so if I have to stay up late to get morning prep done so I don’t miss a beat then it’s even better for me.  There are days when I’m full of energy and then as I wrote about a few days ago, there are lady issues that kick my ass.  They never used to when I was younger with less wrinkles, less fat and less kids but as I have gotten older I find that it tires me out quite a bit.  Some days because of obligations I have to run later in the day and some days I just plan to run after work.  Time is the variable that I have much control over when planning my “me time”.  Today for example I had nefarious (yes I just used that word to be funny even though it doesn’t have a funny meaning) plans.  I pushed my run out to lunch because I wanted to clean the kitchen and living room in order to have my kids take on a couple of big jobs that honestly I just haven’t had time to do.  A little bit of me doesn’t want to do them or I would have sucked it up and got it done already.  EXCUSES is all that is but it still needs to be done just the same.  The kids are home for the summer and only 2 of them work and part time at that so they can pitch in and help out.  After all they don’t pay rent and most of the time Mom the Maid takes care of most of it.

Anyway I figured if I clearly do my part they won’t mind doing theirs. So therein was my plan.  I got my running bag together, got myself ready for work, cleaned up what I wanted to clean and headed to work pretty happy with myself.  Then it happened!  As I am getting to my desk at work I realize that my bag is lighter than I think it should be.  Well that’s because it is!  My running shoes are still under my bed at home and my elation from getting so much done and planning so well fades to aggravation that now I will have to wait to run until I get home.  That’s ok I suppose because at the end of the day (apropos  pun intended) I will still get a run in even though it wasn’t where I wanted it to be in the day.  I suppose it’s summer and later in the day it won’t be so hot so it might be a better run anyway.  So what is the moral here?  Because there HAS to be a bright side moral in every story, I would say it is simply this:

Sometimes planning doesn’t work as well as we would like but if you roll with the changes, look on the bright side and make the best of it, it all works out.