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Good Days

good dayWe are three days post @FalmouthRR. I am still thinking about how awesome that race was.  Amazing!   I rested on Monday just out of a feeling of responsibility to my body knowing I wanted it to run again yesterday.  Even though it was 2 days after the race, my legs pretty much screamed Fuck You the entire 4 mile jaunt.  They wanted no part of getting out in the sun and crisp morning air.  I thought to myself and tried to explain to my two cohorts that the race was just 7 miles to which they reminded me that I hadn’t run more than 3 in at least 3 weeks.  As my hammies complained I thought it’s just 7 miles …with a bunch of hills ….on a hot day.  Ok, maybe we shouldn’t have gone out but screw that I wanted to run.  It’s good to switch things up and push yourself.  Now I know I could run 7 flat out on pretty much any given day if I wanted to.  My high school lazy self is giving me the look of “but why the hell would you even want to do that kind of activity”.  That self is closely related to “Fat Brenna” who is always behind me on every run begging me to quit with a loaf of hot steaming bread oozing with melted butter and a bowl of pasta and meatballs in her clammy fat hands.  She loves to try to get me to join her in her enthusiastic celebration for  lack of motion but she always loses that argument.

It is an amazing feeling to be able to have the freedom and the ability to run.  Every day I run I feel amazing and strong and accomplished.  Today’s run went much better than yesterdays. My legs didn’t complain and in fact they were down for a 4 mile run.   I headed out thinking I’d repeat my 4 miles from yesterday knowing that I might have to accept 3.  I wove my way through a familiar route even taking a side road that lengthened my run from 3 to 4 because it felt like a good idea.  Mile 2 I pushed my pace with the help of some great tunes and 3-4 were slower than that but still faster than the 9:45-10:00 average I have seemed to slow down to on average these days.  Slower is ok since I’m not competing and I really do prefer to be able to breathe versus gasping when I run.  I was so happy to be out there today and if I didn’t have to work I might have run a few more.  This is a day that powers me through some that are not so good.

Now that I’ve done 2 races this year, I am thinking I want to keep nudging my long runs since I’m already at 7 and see just what I can do.  Maybe I’ll pick a half or two to put under my belt before winter hits.  I’ve started using Map My Fitness again to track what I eat and I have to get back to spinning and a weight routine to strengthen my core if I want to feel better running a longer race.  The goal is 20 lbs but I’d take 10 -15 and be happy.  Life is good & running makes you happy which is probably why I always end my blogs with: