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Gatorade is My Hero!

gatoradeYou know what you know but sometimes you have to take what you know and apply it outside where you know it.  I for example, know that a Gatorade – water mix is great for my races but I don’t usually apply Gatorade to my everyday runs.  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of where we think things belong and don’t take a minute to think about where else they might be good. This summer feels so hard running for me.  My everything swells up now especially my legs.  It happens when I sit on a stool and when I’m out running in the heat.  This weekend I decided to run with straight Gatorade.  I wasn’t sure about doing that …what if I needed water instead?  I don’t like to carry anything with me on my runs but will in the heat or a run longer than say 6 miles. Forget running with two things, one for each hand…that’s like running in shackles for me.  Not happening.  I decided to risk it and go Gatorade only.  What happened?  I had a much better run that’s what happened!  I learned that I need straight Gatorade in the heat.  I felt better, still stopped at every mile to take a sip but not for long and I didn’t feel totally wiped out when I was done.  Gatorade isn’t for everyone but it is for me!  I love running lessons because they make me stronger and a better runner overall.  so now it’s on to how do I make my chubby little legs feel lighter and move with more ease.  I don’t think that one is as easy for a short stubby Ukranian but it can’t hurt to try!


Smart Running

Getting Influenced is OK

I am Ukranian.  To you it might mean nothing but  to those who frequently spend time with me, it means I’m stubborn, hard to break down and very determined when I get my mind set to something.  I always tell my husband not to worry about me because you can’t kill a Ukranian to which he promptly gives me a “yeah yeah” attitude coupled with an eye roll that might send a moth tumbling.  Until this year I haven’t really given much thought to my health, actually I haven’t really cared much whether anything happened to me or not.  Part of that mentality is because I’m not really “old” enough to be worried but part of it is just mere stupidity and being distracted by other more pressing issues on my mind.  This year however, I have given in to being tired and not run or stayed in bed or both.  I have cut back on my  fitness routine from something short of mild lunacy to running and occasionally something else thrown in the mix.  I have started cutting back on things like NutraSweet and cliff bars (even though they are my favorite snack on any given day) for things like more salad,  oatmeal, less bread, some milk and other adjustments because I want to get in the habit of trying to live a fun happy life that will lead me to old age.  Now I won’t waltz into old age gracefully…I plan on screeching into home plate yelling HELL YEAH!  What a ride!!!

Inside-Out-core-memories-closeupToday I gave up my morning run because the humidity was at 76% and my husband insinuated something along the lines of my being crazy to run in this kind of weather and when he mentioned the humidity factor I mentally gave up without much of a fight.  Now I didn’t want to go when I got up in the first place.  I was tired and achy and just not in the mood.  Today I got out of bed talking myself into going and put my running clothes on hoping that it would improve my mood and change my mind.  It sort of worked because I didn’t change my clothes right away.  Previously I would have headed out and run through it but given Rob’s input that was pretty much all I needed to scrap it.  I’m more upset about having two rest days in a row than  I am at having given up in because it’s hot and humid with many severe weather warnings plastering the news this morning.  I just thought that it might be safer for me to not go out…tomorrow will be better and I’ll get my run in then.  I probably did myself a favor letting myself get talked out of it.