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Funeral For A Watch

I might be having a funeral soon, for my watch that is.  My Garmin HR is starting to be non responsive to swiping on the screen.  The buttons seem to work but the screen is not responding.  Yesterday I noticed that the screen was cracked and splintered which isn’t good.  I’m not  sure how I did that but I did and now I’m back to using running apps on my phone like I did before I got tech savvy.  I will say that I do miss having the syncing feature and all the cool interfaces and reporting on my health.  I am now on a mission to either fix it or buy a new one before my June 18 race.  I love having my watch for keeping time but also for yelling at me to move and showing me my texts, controlling my music, being able to answer or decline calls and as my little cheerleader for when  I reach my goals every day.  Not having one to me now would be like going back to using Encyclopedia Britannica and a rotary phone! So, I’m on a mission to right my ship again and soon. Funny how much we miss something that seemingly plays a tiny role in our daily lives until it’s not there and we realize just how much we counted on it for so many things.


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My New Gadget

vivoactiveI am not sure how much responsibility I can assign to my new Vivoactive and how much I should take in terms of motivation, but I ran mile 3 of a 3 mile run at 8:48 today!  Part of me just felt good but part of me wanted to see some other colored dots on my awesome cadence chart:

My normal cadence


My cadence today






See all those great purple dots?  I was hoofing it at the end. Maybe I’m juvenile but looking forward to seeing those elevated pink spots on a chart was very helpful to me in maintaining a faster pace.  I really love this new watch and when I get my new Apple iPhone I will also get phone messages and be able to control my playlist from it as well as get the weather and play with my calendar all from one place.  I love gadgets and doo dads and this one is by far my favorite.  I like my Garmin Forerunner but not like I like this watch.  I don’t have to wait for a stupid satellite link like I do with my Forerunner, I can see how I’m pacing as I go and when I press the start / stop button…imagine that it does it.  It was a great gift from my husband for my birthday.  So it will be interesting to see how regular I become with a faster pace with this new watch.  Everyone has something that motivates them.  I guess for me it’s dots LOL!   I can’t help myself.