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It’s All About The Smile

runnersToday I realized that there is one thing I love most about running…it’s the other runners.  Not just seeing them but running over to a complete stranger and high fiving them.  This elicits the biggest smile from them and that makes me so happy!  I love seeing people who are tired and struggling and sweaty break out in this gigantic smile that probably stays with them for the entire day because it falls into the category of “just cuz” which is priceless.  It is understood between runners what each is going through as we run.  We understand that it’s hard and fun and a sacrifice.  We know we love it, hate it and are hopelessly devoted to it without having to say one word in discussion.  Runners understand and we help each other to be strong and never give up.  I love running and days like today that just cannot be ordinary when begun with miles and smiles!