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Note To Self

note-to-self-retroSo every day I make a mental note like many of you of the things I want to get done for the day.  Weekends are no different, just busier with less time to get it all done.  Somehow I manage to fit most of the big stuff in and of course today was just more of the same.  Getting a run in on the weekends is sort of easier because I can go whenever I want unlike workdays.  Most Saturdays and Sundays I choose to go very early or early afternoon.  Today was beautiful.  I bribed my son to grocery shop with a trip to Colonial Donut….works every time!  Food shopped and then I ignored the housework and headed outside to weed.  I weeded for HOURS!  I stopped to make lunch which was a nice breather and then headed back out.  I should have had lunch on the fly because my energy waned by the moment.  Getting older sucks!  The sun was cooking me and I slowed down and finally I reached my stopping point for the day.  Thank heck for that.  So I cleaned up and knowing I didn’t have much left in my tank, I donned my running garb and made James bike with me carrying a bottle of water in case I had an “incident” related to the sun.  I can’t believe I just used that word.  UUGGHHH.  Anyway NOTE TO SELF, self…don’t try to shove a run in after a long tiring day weeding in the garden.  Ok, do it because you’re a stubborn Ukranian but don’t complain about it!  I now know what zombie actually feels like.  Everything is tired, my back yells “Zowie”  when I bend over, the dirt is mocking me from every crevice and I feel like I’m made of lead.  I’m so effing tired and my finger tips hurt from pulling weeds so typing this is like ouchie oochie across hot coals.  I have crud in my eyes and I think my dinner is burning right now and I don’t even care.  I can hear the shower calling me and I would like to fast forward to soaking in the shower till the water runs down the walls.  I may be tired but I am proud I got it in.  My friend Barbara would say that it reiterates that I’m a BAD ASS RUNNER!  LOL