Random Thoughts

All Hail To The Squat!

squatsI love it when I have a stellar day of fitness!  I feel like I’m in what my friend Barbara calls “Beast Mode”.  Yesterday I did a 2-fer which I don’t do too much these days.  Once per week perhaps as we roll into spring and I’m motivated by some crazy new bikini.  I’m in fitness motion and doing ok so off we go.  Yesterday’s craziness was a 2 mile run at lunch and an incredible spin class with an instructor that just drives us hard from beginning to end.  If you have done spin before, you know that the gears above 15 are the dreaded ones.  Above 18 and your legs start giving you the proverbial finger.  At 20 they are crying and at 24 you are pretty much talking yourself through every second and praying for a break.  This class was partly my fault.  I have taken this class before with this instructor in fact.  The last time i took it, she was rather fit.   Last night when she walked in at probably 70 lbs above where I remember her I did the worst thing I could have done.  I took the class for granted and figured it wouldn’t be so bad.  WRONG!  Now she did get off her bike to walk the room and shout at us to keep going a couple of times.  Maybe that was so she could take a quick break masked as motivation.  It doesn’t matter because I was begging for class to be over half way through and wondering why I got there :20 minutes early to pedal a bit extra.  She started class at gear 24 which is the top gear and at least 2/3 of class was gear 20 or above.  It was so hard but I will say that if it weren’t for the squats I’ve put in over the last month thanks to Les Mills Body Pump 86 I would be walking funny right now.  I never thought I’d be grateful for squats but here I am singing their praises.  So what do we do now?  We sign up for that class again with vigor and enthusiasm and continue squatting till the cows come home.  My summer butt will thank me later!  All hail to the squat!