Ready to Break Up With the DM!

run-quoteI’ve reached that point in the winter where I need something to look forward to.  I need to think about warmer weather and put solid goals down on paper and a dent in my wallet to seal the deal!  Time to pick out my first race of the season and get serious about the year.  I’ve mostly made peace with the DM since we’ve spent so much time together in the off season but I’m ready to break up with DM and step out and get my asphalt back in gear.  I seriously worry that I’ll get out there and in powering myself for real I’ll have lost something.  I hope it doesn’t take too much to get it back.  It usually isn’t too bad but I don’t usually have an affair with the DM in the off season either.  Only time will tell but I am super excited now that March is here and I know the big melt is officially much closer.  Even though we still have 5 feet of compact snow and ice banks still on the ground I have dreams of that single strip of parallel tar that snuggles up to the road.  My old friend the sidewalk waits for me to take my first seasonal steps.  Oh how I look forward to warmer weather!  I hope to have a few running dates with actual people and perhaps I might find my own happiness in a running group this year.  Only time will tell on that one and even if that never happens I will still be glad to get out there alone.

I dream of fresh souled kicks, watching the sun rise to pat me on the back, setting and achieving goals for myself, soaking clothes with hard earned sweat, getting back to spinning and swimming and shaking off the winter dullness.