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Making Some Changes

thoughtI was all set to say I’m keeping a slower pace and it’s on purpose, which it was, until I got my new watch and now I’m putting in some faster miles.  I’ve hit sub 9 in nearly every run except for a couple since I got my new Vivoactive.  I don’t set out to run fast…it’s just happening and I know why.  Those stupid dots on the cadence chart are to blame.  I’m not mad because well, it’s nice to be up there or down there depending on how you look at it in terms of lowering my pace.  I haven’t run fast for a while but between seeing a horrible picture of myself yesterday and my new toy, I need to make some changes and that will start with getting off my ass and running harder and will go hand in hand with less snacking.  I don’t snack badly, I just snack a lot.  Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I love to eat and have introduced everyone at work to the snack drawer.  Now my idea of a snack drawer is one filled with Wasabi peas, cliff bars, fruit cups, oatmeal and other great things for the body.  So it’s not everyone’s dream, so what.  I’m happy that  I almost always have food when I want it.  Most times I eat because I want to not because I am hungry.  That right there is a habit not a need and a bad one at that.  thank GOD I like carrots or I would really be in trouble.  So today I was zooming, ate some hills in my 4 miles to start getting ready for my hilly race in August and am planning on revamping my menu a bit.  It’s all for a good cause….ME!