2016 · Attitude · happiness · motivation · Running Friends

I Am The Runner

runnerquoteRunners are friendly people there’s no doubt about it.  We support each other during races, on the streets and in the stores.  There’s just something wonderful about being part of this friendly group.  I almost always say good morning to everyone I see on the road when I’m running.  I cheer the  ones running up the hill and give kuddos to those who are out early like I am.  I find that I run faster when I greet someone or wave to someone I see.  Today I passed another runner who made his run look effortless.  I hate that because I NEVER feel like it’s that.   I look to see if I know them because that would be a different conversation and perhaps a pause in my run like Sunday when I stopped for just a moment to talk with someone I knew walking with her friend.  I didn’t know this guy but I said good morning because that’s what I do.  It makes me feel good.  He too must subscribe to the runner philosophy of philanthropic happiness because he said as happy as could be “Good Morning Runner”….. good morning runner.  That was me, The Runner who although a stranger to his world, became a fellow in that instant.  Someone who shares struggles and success alike despite their most assured differences on paths that most likely never crossed.  I Am The Runner and I am proud to be A Runner. My life changed because of running and it makes me happy and makes me want to share it with as many people as I can.  I Am The Runner and I run at ridiculous hours and horrible heat.  I run in pain, rain and snow because once you really commit to running it takes on a life all it’s own and becomes like air to you, you need it because without it you would slowly suffocate and die.  I Am The Runner and I am strong and beautiful and happy.