Looking Like a Boxer Tonight

ouchieSo I was a good doobie tonight and went to the gym since Mother Nature decided to dump 24+ inches of snow all over my streets.  Can’t go out on the road in good conscience because well, I’ll probably die.  So I went there right after work.  I didn’t even go home so I wasn’t lured by my home gym.  I wanted to run not use the eliptical so I eliminated the  temptation.  So off I went, changed and headed to the open floor where all the treadmills are housed.  Now, my gym just put in all new treadmills.  They are beautiful and a little intimidating  but I feel fancy when I use them.  I’ve only been on them a couple of times before and hadn’t had any problems.  Apparently tonight was not the same.  I had problems because when I was done I looked down and I had been bleeding.  WHAT THE HELL!!!   I had felt my knuckles graze the grip bar but it didn’t hurt so I didn’t think anything of it.  I let my playlist carry my through the end of my planned mileage.  I guess running intervals means I’ll have to stay back a little on the belt so I don’t end up looking like a boxer on a permanent basis!  I’ll just consider these my war wounds or my badges of honor for doing the DM when I didn’t want to.  🙂