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Making It Up On The Other End

Last night I laid out my running gear for a run this morning.  I got my cold weather gear out, and had it in my head that  I would do my usual 3 mile, 5am run.  When my alarm went off and I pulled up my weather app, it wasn’t quite the 31 degrees that I had anticipated.  It was 25 degrees outside which isn’t far off from 31 but 6 degrees is 6 degrees when you’re warm and cuddly in your bed.  So I was already working through my other options for working out today like A) running at lunch which would be at 51 degrees which is much more tolerable to me today.  B) I also thought about riding my stationary bike which meant I would stay inside and stay warm.  C) I also thought about possibly not working out today and if that happens I’m ok with it.  I am opting for option B which means utilizing my free time differently, but giving up sitting around reading the same old gossip magazines or going out and possibly spending money that I shouldn’t is a good trade.  You see, I don’t have to, no one is counting on me to do so, so it ain’t gonna happen today at 25 degrees!  I’ll make it up and I do feel a little lazy at the moment but it’ll get done when I’ll be more comfortable and when my nose won’t stick together when I breathe.  When it’s so cold out that I might have to cover my face so I don’t catch PEE-NEW-MONIA I instantly begin my work around solution.  It’s funny because I really don’t mind running in the cold but I think I’m not quite adjusted to winter yet.  You know that brief time between Fall and Winter when it starts to get cold but isn’t truly freezing but you’d swear it was an ice age….yeah that’s where I am right now!  So I didn’t go out running….I ate my pancakes and eggs anyway….. and I will get my butt out there today….just later when it’s warmer and I’ll be happier!  Some days it’s all about the compromise and that’s ok as long as you do in fact make it up on the other end.


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Stone Runner

stone runnerEvery runner has issues at one point or other regardless of how well, fast, often, slow or consistent they are.  Whether it is a bathroom issue or a developing weather issue, a running out of water issue, cramp issue or whatever, we all have them.  I will say that the girlies of the world have one in particular that actually drives me crazy!  Yep it’s dealing with that time of the month.  I don’t mean whining about cramps or wimping out because I’m tired.  I’m talking about the swollen body, michelin tire-man inflation that happens 2 days before the dreaded 5-7 day ordeal.  I am finding that my legs in particular are swelling a lot lately and they feel like I’m dragging bags of rocks down the road.  It’s not lack of hydration because I drink a TON of water.  It’s just nature taking it’s course and I have to say I’m not a fan!  Maybe it’s age and impatience because i’m done having kids.  I am all done with this game of monthly misery.  I don’t usually complain but today it was ridiculously difficult to push through 3 stupid miles and all because I have boobs and a uterus.  I know, I could have other issues or illnesses or something that should make me grateful for having that issue but whine whine I”M NOT!  Maybe it’s the turn of the seasons to Summer and it’s just seasonal swelling but I don’t like it either way.  So today was icky but I did it and I will continue to deal with the Stone Runner each month but I don’t have to be happy about it.