2016 · Random Thoughts

Chain Reactions

Why is it that certain things prompt certain chain reactions?  chain-reaction

This week as I ran my route, I nearly stepped on a little bullfrog sitting against the curb.  My foot came down and I started to step on him but then my brain realized what it was that my eyes were to slow to recognize… clearly brain-eye coordination prior to breakfast does not work as well!  When it clicked that I was about to cruelly and horrifically end the life of the little ugly bugger I continued to run but moved my feet all over the place as if I was suddenly stricken with a debilitating disease or had become one of the creatures in World War Z as they turn into the undead.  It actually probably looked like I found a spider on my shirt as I wiggled and gyrated like a drunk sailor in a road race.  I wove left then right then righted the old ship and moved on.  Quite amusing but the question is Why didn’t I just squash him?  I don’t have a particular love for frogs or anything.  I think it was more the thought of the slimey slide knowing what had just paved my little ride.  So gross but I avoided it.  Why do we do that?

Today I bought a couple of 5 lb kettlebells & weight lifting gloves.  Why?  Because my son is on a mission to fit the role that was bestowed upon him for the upcoming play in December.  King Triton is NOT a fluffy guy.  He’s pretty jacked or at the very least I would say he’s cut.  Either way, my son is self motivated to get in shape to impress the hell out of everyone.  I’m already impressed but Why did I buy those things?  Because his initiative makes me want to try harder so he feels like he’s not alone.  I want him to want to stay motivated rather than having to kick his ass and force him to work out for 3 months.  What makes us do these things?

When other people are buying things and we are on a budget, what is it that lowers our will power making us break down and do what we said we would not?  Why do we feel so compelled to be part of the group?  My growing clothes closet is proof that I too am weak of willpower sometimes when I should just say no thank you…but WHY?